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Petting Zoo

Date: Aug 23 - Aug 27, 2017

Offering a hands on experience allowing you to feed, try and chat about the day in their language, or when available giving milk in a bottle to one's that just doesn't want to grow up.

The furry and zany ensemble to choose from, includes:

Estaban - a mini Zebu African Cow
Laverne - a Boer/Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf Cross (Goat)
Lil' Man - Boer/Nubian Cross (Goat)
Squiggy - a Boer/Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf Cross (Goat)
Bob The Tomato - a Pot Belly Pig
Lil' Peanut - a Nigerian Dwarf (Goat)
Cotton - a Nigerian Dwarf (Goat)
The Rock - a Nigerian Dwarf (Goat)

Plus, Rabbits,Tortoises, Donkey, Llama, Sheep, Ducks, Wallabies, Cavies, Chickens - with bios included!

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